Argentina | Alpasión Complimentary Happy Hour

We are so excited to host Alpasió from Argentina here at the shop for happy hour on Thursday, May 2nd! These are some of the very best wines that Argentina has to offer and we can’t wait for you to taste them. This event is casual and complimentary, come anytime between 5-7 pm that works for you and please bring your friends!

There is no need to RSVP or ‘get tickets’ for this event – just stop on by!


Welcome to Alpasión – Where Passion Meets the Vine
Our Story Begins with a Dream
In 2009, a group of 20 ambitious senior executives and entrepreneurs from around the globe
gathered at the prestigious INSEAD business school. What started as part of a leadership course
quickly transformed into a shared dream. Over glasses of fine wine, vibrant conversations, and
shared stories of life’s journeys, a plan was born—not just to stay in touch, but to embark on a
venture that would encapsulate our shared passions and dreams.

Alpasión: Born in Uco Valley
Our search for the perfect location led us to Mendoza, Argentina, a land known for its rich wine
heritage. Here, in the Uco Valley, we discovered an 85-hectare piece of land that would soon
become the heart of Alpasión. Untouched and ripe for cultivation, this land promised the perfect
canvas to create something truly extraordinary.

From Vision to Vineyard
As we patrolled our new home on horseback, the majestic Andes in the backdrop, we felt a
connection to the land that was almost magical. The land’s high altitude and the significant
temperature variations between day and night were perfect for cultivating grapes with rich,
concentrated flavors. We were committed not just to growing vines but to nurturing a legacy.

Our Wines Speak for Themselves
Each bottle of Alpasión wine is a testament to the unique terroir of our vineyard and the
meticulous care we put into every step of the winemaking process. From our robust Alpasión
Grand Malbec, our flagship wine, to our elegant Alpasión Grand Chardonnay and the bold
Alpasión Private Selection, every sip tells a story of dedication and passion.

Join Our Journey
We invite you to visit Alpasión, where the beauty of Uco Valley, the quality of our wines, and
the warmth of our community await. Here, you’ll experience firsthand the fruits of a dream that
brought together a diverse group of visionaries from across the globe. Enjoy a tasting, tour our
vineyards, and see how our passions have ripened into the wines you’ll love at first sip.

Sustainability and Legacy
Looking forward, Alpasión is committed to fully organic practices, ensuring that our impact on
the land is as gentle as our wines are bold. We strive not only to create wines for today but to
sustain a legacy that will enrich generations to come.


May 02 2024


5:00 pm

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